August 21, 2015 Ask Owen

Just 10% of Providers Confident of ICD-10 Implementation Success

Only ten percent of physicians are very confident that they will be able to navigate the October 1, 2015 ICD-10 implementation successfully, according to a new survey from the Texas Medical Association (TMA).

With the deadline less than fifty days away, the worryingly large percentage of providers who have not even given sufficient thought to preparing for the transition may indicate that the healthcare industry is heading into serious jeopardy as it moves away from the decades-old ICD-9 system.

According to EHR Intelligence, the survey of nearly 1000 practitioners included a large proportion of solo and small practice physicians, who are generally considered to be the most vulnerable group among those required to switch to the enhanced code set.  Participants reported that they receive an average of 30 percent of their revenue from Medicare, twelve percent from Medicaid, and 47 percent from private payers.


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